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Scalable RFID Asset
Tracking Software
That Grows With You

Customized to today’s complexities, flexible to exceed tomorrow’s expectations – Avancir makes it easy to track everything that matters.

How Avancir’s RFID Asset Tracking Software Works

Our RFID asset tracking software provides the meaningful data you need for accountability to your stakeholders.

Ready to Deploy on Day One

After a single-day setup, easily pull asset data through an integration or capture existing barcode and RFID data to move your business forward in four weeks or less.

Seamless System Integration

Our open API and webhook notifications support secure data exchanges with other systems via lightweight automations or a managed integration platform.

Easy Custom Configuration

Create custom fields, statuses, locations, and dashboards for your use cases with cross-device functionality via desktop, mobile devices, and RFID readers.

Out-of-the-box Support

Start improving asset tracking processes with on-demand documentation within the platform and hands-on support information.

Powerful RFID Asset Tracking Software Benefits

Avancir gives you peace of mind from knowing where all your assets are at any time, from the manufacturing floor to the warehouse to the customer.

Hardware Agnostic

Backed by, Avancir works with any ultra-high-frequency RFID tags to communicate with all your preferred devices at the same time.

Digitized Efficiency

Our RFID asset tracking software automates repetitive scanning and RFID tag reading, so your employees can focus on more important tasks.

Tracking Accuracy

Scan a pallet in seconds and get an immediate alert if a wrong item is on the pallet before it leaves the warehouse or facility.

Faster Scalability

Easily scale from scanning five pallets a day to 100, because our RFID asset tracking software makes it simple to add people, readers, and workflows.

Real-Time Accountability

When accounting or customer service checks on the status of pallets, tools, or even people, Avancir gives you a real-time audit trail of every asset.

Actionable Asset Data

Our UI/UX layer fills the data gaps between your barcodes and RFID readers, mobile devices, and your processes, for meaningful reporting.

Industry Use Cases & Applications

Pre-built to scale with your evolving workflows, Avancir RFID asset tracking software is powerful enough to handle your most complex industry use cases.


Avancir lets you know where all your IT/ITS assets are at any given time, such as laptops and other electronic devices that contain valuable, proprietary information.

Retail Distribution

Need to track totes that pair with another asset coming down the production line? Avancir automates manual track-and-trace steps for audit trail visibility.


Get the lineage of data to see when livestock arrived, when it was fed, when it received medicine, and other FDA-required upstream/downstream data.


Use our RFID tags to easily track your most valuable pharmaceutical or hospital equipment and/or documentation as it travels across multiple campuses.


Automated track and trace means you know how many returnable containers you have, where they are, and if you need to order more to accommodate what’s ahead.

Supply Chain Logistics

Need to assess the capitalization of your equipment assets? With Avancir, you’ll know who touched the equipment and when with fixed-asset track and trace.

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Pre-built to scale with your evolving workflows, Avancir RFID asset tracking software is powerful enough to handle your most complex industry use cases.