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About Us

An RFID Software Platform Built to Handle Your Business’s Evolving Complexity

With Avancir (pronounced uh-VAN-sir), we wanted to do something different in the RFID software space. Inspired by SaaS tools we use in our everyday personal and professional lives, we decided to create an RFID software platform that would enable business growth. It works by connecting components, data, and processes in an adaptable interface meant to provide critical visibility to assets, inventory, and order status — anything your business needs to track.

Building on the patterns we noticed during the decade spent developing custom RFID solutions for our parent company, we created an off-the-shelf, configurable RFID software platform that can handle all of the typical RFID software use cases such as asset tracking, inventory management, order verification, quality assurance, RTI, and work in progress. Avancir can manage data from RFID, barcodes, manual entry, and other data sources. Because it is pre-built to handle these variables, any instance of Avancir can be fully customized and operational within weeks, sometimes days.

Like other SaaS products such as CRMs or ERPs, Avancir adapts as your business evolves. When your assets, inventory, and processes shift, our flexible RFID software platform accommodates, thanks to the same user-friendly approach that makes it so intuitive to grasp in the first place. This is what makes it more than just a product or a solution — it’s a platform that connects you to all the things that matter to your business at any given moment.

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